Project & heavy lift

Welcome to Haesung Logix PROJECT & BULK DEPT.

As you aware, the Bulk & project market, which enables high profitability and sales, is surely more attractive than the container market in these days But it’s also a relatively closed market with high costs and higher barriers to entry that require more expertise. To meet increasing various demands of these heavy lift & over sized cargo from our client, partner, We are operating a dedicated team of Project & bulk consisting of skilful staffs that have enough experience of project and Bulk and have extensive and solid relationship with bulk carriers and brokers.

Utilizing the geographical advantages of the three countries, Korea, China and Japan,

and Considering among the ship open to the market, the type of shipment, the type of cargo, the readiness of cargo, the amount of cargo, We are committed to providing our customers and partners with more competitive rates and appropriate vessels.

Other Relative Service

Inland trucking or intermodal door to door transport

Arranging shore, floating crane and barge.

Storage and packing

Inland trucking or intermodal door to door transport